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Former MOMbo host Nanci Olesen is blogging again!

MOMbo Mother's Day

We’re glad you’ve stopped by MOMbo.

One of the live events we loved was our MOMbo Mother’s Day celebrations at the Lake Harriet Bandshell in Minneapolis, 2006 and 2007.

Here’s a link to all that.


Welcome to MOMbo!

MOMbo was a “radio resource for moms” whose mission was "to broadcast the electronic trading platform everyday truth about motherhood (in order to save the world)". MOMbo was alive and kicking from 1990-2007. MOMbo sought to enliven the discussion of motherhood. As an archived website, MOMbo CONTINUES to support and enlighten moms of all ages and stages by giving us a place to hear ourselves.

In its heyday, MOMbo hit what is a binary options trader the airwaves in the form of short interviews, reviews, commentaries and one hour specials. These were heard on public radio stations nationwide, and on this website. This website contains most of what MOMbo was, and is….! Welcome!!

From the Zone

MOMbo is a place I enjoy turning to, to seek out the stories and advice that so many mothers have shared.

Thanks for visiting!

And, as we always investing in binary options said on MOMbo,

Love your kids.

Be good to yourself.

Nanci Olesen
Producer and host, MOMbo

What's New

Driving the Kids

MOMbo lives!

We present this archived website in memory of a young mom, Amy Elisabeth Olesen Alford.

You can read about her on the ZONE.

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Check out the MOMbo farewell from 2007:

“Bye Bye, MOMbo.”

Watch it here.